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PixelWise Digital Displays are truly captivating.  From the start, our goal is to help you create a viable digital signage system that will captivate your customers and increase your bottom line.  PixelWise is committed to walking with you through the process of designing, developing and deploying your digital signage network.  Our business model is geared to get your digital signage up and running quickly so you can enjoy the benefits right away!



Digital Signage is a relatively simple technology.  It consists of the following components:

Flat Screen, HD TV
To display the images and videos.  These range in price based on size and quality of picture or touch-screen capabilities.  They range in size from 10″ screens up to 80″ screens.  We have the capability to develop advanced “video walls” that cover areas as large as 20′ x 20′ or even bigger!

Droid or Windows Based Players
To play your custom content and/or interact with your customers via SmartPhone technology or touch-screens.  These range in price based on their capacity for delivering graphics and video from the low $300’s to over $1000.

Our Enterprise Level software manages content, operation, and scheduling for thousands of screens through the Internet.

Our digital signage network operates over the Internet in a  fully secure and password protected environment.



Getting media from a creative studio, tablet, smartphone or any other device to a screen somewhere else in the world seamlessly day in and day out requires a robust system.

PixelWise Studio
Layout what you want your signage to do and look like and we turn that vision into reality!  Once your layout is developed and deployed, you have the option to manage your own pricing, video content, and images through our secure, web-based portal to the FishNetStudio Suit.

Cloud Based Server
Your content is transferred to your signage player, while updates are preloaded and implemented in real-time.  Instantly see pricing changes, image changes on your signs, menus and kiosks.

Our hands-off signage plays your content with media & power scheduling, keeping it running smoothly.  It has a powerful watchdog that keeps the hardware running smoothly.  It will even reboot the system if it detects a memory leak, power outage, or schedule change!


The only thing that matters is that it does the job it sets out to do. Here are a few numbers that may grab your attention and prove the effectiveness of digital signage.

An Arbitron study surveyed 1,400 shoppers about Digital Signage.

  • 81% of shoppers remember the content.
  • 40% of shoppers more likely to purchase.
  • up to 700% sales lift on new item intros.

A National Restaurant Association study of Digital Menus revealed:

  • 49.1% Lowered Costs on Menu Changes
  • 47.2% Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • 37.1% Increased Sales of Promotional Items
  • 37.7% Improved Operational Efficiency
  • 18.9% Increased Sales of High Margin Items
  • 42.3% Recouped Their Investment Within 1 Year.
  • 89.5% Recouped Their Investment Within 2 Years.
  • 100% of Restaurants Saw a Sales Lift.